plywood box before

I got a few of these old filing boxes at auction and thought they were ripe for some action!

Recycled Box with labels cleaned off

The hardest bit of the whole process was getting the old labels off. Seriously!  I had to steam them above a boiling kettle, scrape them off and then take off the remnants with meths and wire wool.

recycled crackle glaze box

Once clean, I applied the crackle glaze.  This is just magic!  (well, as close as we get to having Harry Potter in our house anyway).  First you spray a base coat (I selected gold) all over the box.  I sprayed two thin layers, to ensure even coverage.  Then you wait an hour before spraying the top coat.  This you spray on heavily and then wait as the crackle miraculously appears. 

Crackle glaze close-up

It really is as easy as that!

Recycled box crackle glazed

Sometimes it’s fun being able to transform something in only ten minutes!

crackle glaze box after recycling

It’s a gorgeous box now that adds some lovely texture to a room.

beach interiors

Watch this space for the next transformation!