The authorMy name is Clare and I’m obsessed with making no-longer loved, discarded items beautiful and treasured again.  I can’t stop!

There is nothing that excites me more than a battered old piece of furniture, long past its peak.  All it’s asking for is a bit (or sometimes a lot) of tlc (tender loving care) to transform it into a highly desirable piece again.

I love walking into a room or a house that is full of potential.  I can always see a thousand different options and visions of how it could be.  Bringing these to life fills me with delight, energy and pleasure – especially if its for someone else.  Nothing better than seeing their surprise and delight at a new face for an old friend.

I’ve spent over twenty years in a high-powered, corporate career, as director of sales and marketing for global brands, and this is how I spend my weekends.    I want to change attitudes and behaviours: let’s not shove stuff in landfill, let’s make the recycled chic, gorgeous and desirable.