Enamel and Cloisonné were very popular (and expensive) a couple of decades ago, and are currently out of fashion.  What I’m saying is they are an absolute steal at auctions and sales.  Give it another decade and they will be right back ‘in’.

jade on tibetan incense burner

Even though shelves of them will look very dated, the odd piece can add lustre and interest to a room.  So dig out what you’ve got, or go bargain hunting….

This pair of Tibetan Incense Burners enliven a wall of books.  The colours are kept to a single palette, enhancing the workmanship (close-up above).

Tibetan Incense burners with books

(I confess that these shelves are on my ‘to do’ list.  I hate the white formica.  I want to mirror the wall behind, just as I did here, and the use recycled wood for the shelves.) 

Cloisonne vase

Vintage frames in gilt, gold or silver add character and depth to even the most modern room.  In fact – they really look stunning when they contrast with other decor.

Antique gold frame

Cloisonne vases usually have a base colour with accents.  This is the ideal way to emphasise a colour scheme in a room, or to add some life with the depiction of birds and flowers.

Antique Cloisonne vase

Heavy antique frames add that sense of history to an interior that makes you feel as though it has been lived in for centuries (or at least decades).  This is an easy fix for new houses with new furniture.

Antique gold framed oil painting

Small enamelled boxes are a lovely way to store trinkets – and can be picked up for a little as you’d pay for a small box at IKEA.  Really!

Russian enamel painting

Look out for interesting lamp bases at garage sales and auctions.  The wistful cupid in the image below adds subtle interest.

Gold lamp base

Keep in mind – whatever is out of favour this decade, will assuredly be in for the next.  If you love it – keep it.  If you don’t – it’ll never work for you!