Would I wake in a four poster bed to find myself being kissed by a prince?  Would a hundred year sleep end and find me a princess?  Or would I just find room service?

Four poster cream bedroom romantic interiors

Four poster beds have always been a sign of wealth – and are still associated with it today – although romance springs first to mind.

They have been around since Tudor times, when often you ate slept and lived in one room.  And if you had a separate bedchamber, servants might also sleep there (in case you needed them in the night).

The ability to close curtains around a bed gave the sleeper privacy, as well as protection from drafts, insects and pests (of which there were many!)

A four poster bed creates a room-within-a-room. This idea was brought back by Frank Lloyd Wright who created furniture and spaces to do exactly that – 500 years later.

A canopy bed (see below) developed later – but provided similar warmth and privacy in cold dank castles before central heating.

Today, a canopy is a wonderful way of highlighting a tall ceiling, and adding drama to the bed.

Even a small (non-functional) canopy, hung from a rosette, can add to the romance of going to sleep.  Below, even the fabrics are simpler: no gold satin here, rather a cotton country floral print.

This works beautifully with the old oak beams and whitewashed walls.

Lining a canopy or curtains with an intense colour brings this colour scheme to life.  It takes some guts to use the same pattern on both walls and fabric – but I like it hear as the colour scheme is so restrained.  There is only the one shade of blue and the oatmeal.

I love the heraldic theme on the fabric below.  It looks very masculine and severe – but kind of sexy too.

Layering patterns and textures – the rug beneath the bed, the tapestries on the wall, the curtaining round the bed – all add up to a sumptuous room.

You need lots of internal architecture to make this work (beams, mullioned windows) or it would overwhelm.

A more modern look in red and black fuels lots of ideas.  You could take the padded panel from behind the bed and create a headboard like that very easily – and it would look dramatic and smart.

Time to book a weekend away in a castle I think….