Silver (whether plate or solid) was treasured a generation back.

It was a sign of wealth and success.  Significant moments were marked with a gift of silver: a silver photo frame at a wedding, a silver vase for a birthday, a silver napkin ring for a christening.  Displayed proudly on sideboards and dressers, it was polished assiduously.

And now all this lies oxidising and black, at the back of people’s cupboards, or in boxes at deceased estate auctions.

Which means it doesn’t cost the earth.

I’m not suggesting a return to silver-laden tables.  I’m suggesting a rethink.  I’m suggesting thinking about silver as you would IKEA’s home organisation department.

old silver new use interior make-up brushes organisation

Rather than buying boxes and tubs in which to store items – you can have silver for a fraction of the price.

I  use an old silver vase for make-up brushes and mascara.  But you could just as easily use it for pencils and pens, paintbrushes or cotton-wool balls.

Why buy a toothbrush holder when an unusual silver vase looks so much more elegant?

Make-up and toiletries sit prettily in a silver tray, adding a touch of glamour to a morning ritual.

old silver new use interior make up organisation

Definitely avoid large displays of silver (this really does hark back to days past) – but including items in a practical manner adds a touch of character and imagination to a room.

old silver new use interior pens organisation

Use them for fruit, walnuts (as seen below), flowers, pens.  Fill items with keys and clutter from the front door.  But use them – don’t chuck them.  You won’t need to buy more ‘stuff’.  And you may even find a use for that old thing from great aunt Beryl.

recycled interiors chair parisian art