As sensory beings – the only way we engage with our world is through our five senses – we tend to focus strongly on the visual, particularly in design, for obvious reasons.

But often it is the other senses that create the feeling (or sense!) of home.

rose flower scent interior home

I’ve posted before on auditory cues – and how echoing spaces are not welcoming or even comfortable.

But what about olfactory?

How does your home smell?

Most of us don’t even notice the smell of our own home as we become accustomed to it.    A return from holiday can be a shock – of delight or horror – as your nose re-enters familiar territory.

Fragrance can be a lovely way to spice up your home.  Sometimes literally.

Firstly, ensure that BAD odours are eliminated.  These may emanate from:

Mould and mildew

Cooking smells: fish, curry, cabbage are a few of the less pleasant of these

Sweaty sportswear and gear

Pets with dirt trays, doggy hair and so on

These can be removed by either cleaning up the mess promptly, or ensuring that offending items (such as sports gear, dirt trays) are placed in low traffic areas that are well ventilated.

Adding new fragrance to your home can be fun.  And I’m not talking about those chemical plug-in devices, or air-fresheners.  To my nose, they can be as offensive as the odours they are attempting to conceal.

Perfumed flowers can fill a house with fragrance.  Lilies are a wonderful example.  You open your front door and it smells like a florist!

lilies fragrant perfume home interior

Some fruits can do this too: quinces have an irresistible exotic perfume that permeates a house – for this reason they are best not kept in your fridge – or even your eggs will taste of quince.

Nice cooking smells are lovely to walk in to: fresh bread, spiced gingerbread, rich stews.  It’s a great reason (not that you need another) to cook these from scratch.

Essential oils add different moods to a room: sultry sandalwood, or bright bergamot and citrus oils for energy, peppermint for clarity of thought and lavender for a lovely restful sleep.

Try changing the scents that greet you as you walk into your home.  It can have a surprising and subconscious effect on mood and wellbeing.  And it’s very easy to change and play with.

rose flower scent interior home

What scent would you most like to be welcomed by?