I’ve written before about my urgent desire for a coat of arms….

Sadly, my obsession shows no sign of abating.  Happily, the interior world is catching on and there are increasingly wonderful ideas for how to incorporate heraldry into a modern interior.  We’re all so familiar with design these days, that these ancient designs hold thrall – they are still beautiful, still powerful, still heart-stopping.

This chair is a reproduction – brought to life with a fabulous coat of arms.  What an easy addition to an existing piece of furniture….

Even easier – add a cushion or two.  I love the combination of union jack flag and coat of arms here.  A mixture of two ancient and powerful crests.

This modern take on it is a great alternative to these more traditional cushions – which are stunning, but more conservative.  Plus – you could make the one above in a flash: just strips of linen in two colours, and any emblem – even the badge off an old school blazer!

Glass can feature all kinds of designs – but the combination of smooth glass and  a coat of arms looks amazing:

You could just paint the design on your wall, you could print it and frame it, paint it onto blinds… It’s such a simple and strong element that it would work in almost any room.

There are hundreds of designs you can use and translate into interiors.  The ones above can be stencilled onto walls, fabric or furniture.

I’m inspired…  are you?