You may believe, reading my blog, that my life is a happy and carefree flit from one delightful and successful room to the next.  Perhaps you think (I wish) that I just knock off one brilliant project and then the next without even getting paint on my clothes.

Aahhh – if only that were true.  What you see is the result of years of mistakes, and sometimes hours (or even days) of frustration.

While renovating and redecorating has got to be up there as one of the most rewarding ways to spend a weekend, it does come with its fair share of mishaps, mistakes and complete disasters.

And while I usually show you the glorious finished product, here are a few things YOU might want to avoid (I didn’t….)

1.  When stepping back to admire your painted finish, you step IN the paint.  I did mention this one here.  My paint was in a plastic container I’d used for mixing, which cracked… and the paint flooded the floor….

Colourwash dining room after

2. When painting something, peacefully and concentrating, your cat jumps IN the paint….  and you end up with dark green footprints across a pale rug.  Forever.

Why cats paint interiors

3. When removing a tree stump, your beloved chain-saws through the water main.  If you’re going to do this, and you cut it your side of the water meter, you can turn off the water.  If you cut it the OTHER side of the water meter, you will be left with a spout of water, pumping out gallons, until the water board arrives.  Your house may flood. 

However, the plus side is, THEY (the water board) pay for the repairs as it is their pipe.  And gosh – they were surprisingly nice about it!

Palacio del Baililio Cordoba

4. You cut the architraves for the window angled the wrong way.  More than once.

Kitchen window after

5. You cut out the fabric too small or the wrong shape.  Or worse you cut out on the floor and cut out not only your fabric but also the carpet beneath.  Thank goodness, the last time I did this was in my parents house.  (Dad  – you never knew did you?  And you’ve since moved… phew!)

6. You buy a new plant and a new rug and the cat eats the plant and then vomits it on the new rug.  I then also discovered that the plant was toxic for cats.

Diesel the cat

7. Having lovingly recovered the screen, literally the following week, the man knocks the whole thing over, smashing the glass and the frame. The upshot of this, thankfully, was not the end of a long and happy union, but a rather large bill for glass and frame repairs.

Recycled antique screen prints Italian