One of my favourite ways to relax after a long day is in a hot bath, ideally with a glass of whisky, or a cup of tea (depending on my mood).  The physical immersion into warm silky water is an automatic switch for my brain.  Bliss.

The ultimate relaxation, in my dream life where I’m wealthy and waited-on, would be to bathe in one of these stunning bathrooms.  Why not use them as inspiration for yours?

Blue, a traditional favourite in the bathroom, due to its associations with water, is given a new lease of life – as the colour of the bath itself, and on a wonderful mural-type arrangement of tiles.  Is that the Spanish Armada approaching??

Below, polished plaster, the colour of cocoa, is glossed into a luxurious finish.  It’s a small room, but it still feels elegant due to the limited colour palette and expensive accessories.  With a good artisan, polishing plaster or concrete can be an economical alternative to tiles.  Definitely worth considering….

A double marble sink feels weightless without a heavy vanity beneath.  Do you really need everything that you have in yours?

Bathing becomes part of the bedtime routine with a bath behind the bed.  But would you want your bedroom becoming steamy (metaphorically might be OK – but literally?)

This metallic tub (below) reflects back the light into the small space, making it feel more welcoming.

This solution is taken to the max with a mirror-sided bath (below).  This is a fabulous idea that means you don’t need panels or tiles on the side of the bath.  And it will make the room feel so much larger and lighter.  Another plus is that the only part of you reflected back is your slender ankles.

This can be done to a vanity too.  You can easily do this yourself with mirrors cut to size.  What a fun way to enliven a bathroom!

Forget the need for floor-to-ceiling tiles.  Wood panelling looks dramatic and romantic.  I’d throw a couple of armchairs in this room too, to make it feel more furnished (and less as though matron is going to appear and give you a good scrubbing).

All the extras can be fun – this is a free-standing tap and spout.

Or for a touch of the Versace – a lion’s head spout.  Utterly over-the-top luxury!

If you want something alternative – how about the hand-crafted wooden bath below?  It’s a lot more comfortable than the usual wooden tubs that are square and based on Japanese baths.

If you’re inspired, Drummonds is the high-end supplier of many of these looks.  Check out their ads (below).  Now I want to do a massive bird mural above my bath!  That would drive the cats wild….