personalised gifts initialed box interiors gilt writing

It’s so hard to buy presents these days.  We all have everything we could wish for.  When we want something – we just go out and buy it. 

So, what do you get a close friend for a special birthday?

Personalised gifts are the new ‘in’ thing.  These can be things you have commissioned someone else to personalise: linens embroidered with initials, stationery and so on.  Or, it can be something you’ve made.

When my close friend Ben had a significant birthday recently, I spent several happy hours creating something just for him.  A lot more fun than spending several desperate hours traipsing round a shopping mall…

Old filing box vintage before

Remember these boxes?  I bought several at a sale and have already altered two here and here.

personalised gifts initialed box interiors gilt interior

This time I painted the interior gold.  Once that was dry, I prepped the outside and used a spray enamel paint in a lovely masculine Burgundy colour.  I love how smart it looks suddenly.

Then, to make it specially for Ben, I designed a flouncy letter ‘B’ (not that Ben is flouncy) and stencilled that onto the lid.

personalised gifts initialed box interiors gilt interior

Of course, you should never give an empty box.  So I set about making some delicious goodies to go inside.  I already had Quince Paste that I had made, so I wrapped this carefully.  To add to the fun, I decided to label everything as though it was from a speciality store (old marketing habits die hard).  So the paste was labelled “Clare’s Quality Quince Paste”.

homemade gifts personalised jam quince paste

Plums are just coming into season, so I made jam: Clare’s Frightfully Plummy Jam.  (to be read in a frightfully plummy English accent).

homemade gifts personalised jam quince paste

And then to top it off, I made Fudge.  This is one of those things that I love making, and that I’ve made so often that I’ve become proficient.  I always take a big box to my family where it is consumed in record time.

I made chocolate and walnut fudge and labelled it Clare’s Fabulous Fudge.  Actually, there was another adjective there, but for those of you with a more sensitive disposition, I leave you to work it out yourselves from the photo.  Because the fudge really is that fabulous.

homemade gifts personalised jam quince paste fudge

I would never have had the luxury of so much time in my role as Head of Marketing.  What a delight it is to be able to give that to a dear friend.

homemade gifts personalised jam quince paste fudge box gilt

I’ll show you how to make the fudge later in the week.  Although don’t read it unless you’re prepared to eat a lot of fudge in a short space of time.  It is very hard to be strong-willed around it…..