Kookaburra juvenile bird

Every year for the past six years, a pair of adult Kookaburras has come asking for food when their brood gets too much to handle.  This year they have FOUR babies – who are too cute for words.  The young are now as large as the adults, and they are getting through over a kilogram (two pounds) of steak a week! 

Kookaburra looking at you

I can’t tell you the joy I feel when these unfeasibly chubby birds line up, and trustingly take strips of meat from my hand.  At first the young would only accept it via their parents, but now all of them line up and laugh and gurgle away as I feed them.

The cats watch, furious and fascinated, from inside the house.

Kookaburra juvenile bird

Isn’t this baby cute?  I’ve never seen such un-aerodynamic creatures, but they can certainly fly.  And their laughing call, for me, is the epitome of Australia. You can check it out here.  This sound was used in the first Tarzan movies, as it sounds like monkeys.

I’m also happy that the heat wave is over – a week of temperatures over 40C has given me a new appreciation for the cool and drizzling 22c that it is today.  However, I’m content to know that it’ll probably be nice enough to go to the beach again on the weekend.

party sequined dress band

Finally, I’m relieved that the party went well on the weekend, and that we’re lucky enough to have so many fabulous friends with whom to celebrate.  That’s me (above) watching friends sing a hilarious song to the man.

What’s making you happy today?