Veranda before

Sometimes I look at the before photos of the house (see above) and wonder that I purchased it!   This ‘lean-to’ was painted Mission Brown (remember the 1970’s??).  The brick of the house was unattractive.  It had few saving graces.

I did get the house rendered professionally (by an amazing Croatian family – who did an amazing job).  Then I set to on the paintwork myself.  What a difference a coat of white paint makes.  I chose Winter White in an outdoor paint formulated to withstand the Australian sun (after shown below).

White painted veranda after

The tiles were replaced, as I mention here.  The leaning brush was taken down and nature reed used to cover the lattice both for privacy, and for a more up-to-date look.  Here is another ‘before’ below.

Inside veranda before

This is the exact same view after.  Can you believe it?

Veranda indoor outdoor living

The chairs are the same.  I just painted them white and recovered the cushions.

day bed outdoor living veranda design interiors

I made the day bed myself.  That’s something for another post. 

You can see more on the outdoor patio area makeover here – but just a reminder of this view before…

roof garden patio before

…and after….

veranda with view to patio

I planted lilies all along behind the day bed to break it all up with greenery.  These Madonna Lilies are renowned for their ability to purify the air.  Not that we have much issue with that – but it’s nice to know!  They love it here – lots of light but no direct sun.

Day bed veranda indoor outdoor living design

I really wanted this to feel like a proper room, so I have used all the things that I’d put in a sitting room.  Whilst it is exposed, it doesn’t get direct weather.  So I chose to use indoor fabrics (not weather proof ones) as I like the feel of real velvet, and real linen. 

Day bed veranda indoor seating outdoor living design

Loads of cushions make it feel luxurious and relaxed.  I’ve kept the base colour scheme neutral so that if I feel like a change, all I need do is alter the cushion covers.