colour wheel interior schemes decoration

Decorators and designers often refer to the colour wheel.  Well – here is the representation of one.  I like this one as it’s quite usable for interiors.

Basically the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow) cannot be mixed by any other colours.  They sit like a triangle in the wheel.  All other colours are mixed from a combination of two of these.  The mixtures are shown on the spokes between – red and yellow forming the oranges, blue and yellow the greens and red and blue mixing to create purples.

The simplest way to think about it is:

1. Colours from opposite sides of the wheel will add vibrancy to your room.  (purple and yellow, green and pink).  They will go together, and they will add spark.

2. Choosing colours that sit next to each other on the wheel are more restful.  Blues and greens and so on.

I’m developing a theory as to which appeals to who…. it seems to be that brighter colours, and opposites appeal to extroverts.  Introverts seem to prefer more muted and neutral colours.  Extroverts like a lot of stimulation and ‘noise’ from their environment, hence the desire for more colour.  

Introverts like to retreat inside themselves to relax – so that kind of ties in with a need for quieter colours.  Introverts find too much external stimulation tiring, whereas extroverts find it energising.

I have a degree in Psychology so I’m endlessly interested in this kind of thing.

What do you think?  Does this ring true for you?