Cats on coffee sack chair

Dear reader,

If you enjoy my blog, get pleasure and perhaps a little escapism from my posts, I’m asking you for a favour.

Apartment Therapy is running its annual celebration of new blogs here.  If you can face registering to comment – I’d love to be nominated.

You can nominate either in green home or home design.

Shameless of me to ask?  Of course it is…. but I think I left shame behind in my 30’s when I discovered that you’re more likely to get something if you actually ask for it.

I hope you enjoy, as much as I will, all the talent that is showcased there.  What a wonderful window onto the world the internet is!


PS – I feel a bit wrecked posting a pic of my cats as Diesel is currently in cat hospital with a suspected furball blocking his intestine.  I am a very worried ‘mother’!