Grey bedrooms are hugely popular at the moment, and my post on shades of grey and how they look different to what you might expect has been one of the most read.

grey gray bedroom interior colour scheme

So here are some ways to make grey work for a restful bedroom scheme. 

Grey is strongly associated with flannel (remember the 1980’s aftershave Grey Flannel?  I had a boyfriend who wore it… sigh…) pinstripes, suiting, so using this association in a playful way can work well.  The bedcover above picks up themes of cashmere, flannel and pinstripes and still looks cosy and welcoming.

grey gray bedroom interior colour scheme

Darker greys, charcoals, head towards black – which can be a dramatic and sometimes sexy choice for a bedroom.  This will look best by lamplight, however.  if you spend a lot of time in your bedroom by day, you may find this depressing, rather than welcoming.  Make sure you have sheen on the wall, as a matt finish will suck the light out.  And a high white ceiling will work much better than a low one.

Alternatively combine it will lemon yellow (as below).  This will make it feel sunnier, although lamplight is still going to be the best light.

grey gray bedroom interior colour scheme

If you have wooden floors, a charcoal and chalk chequerboard design just looks stunning.  It will anchor a colour scheme of greys without making it too heavy.

black white grey gray  interior colour scheme chequerboard

If these feel too ponderous for you, or if you prefer lighter, brighter rooms, then head for the white end of the spectrum and use grey as an accent.  I love the monochrome mural below.  It looks so chic, and so timeless.

Whichever shade you pick, make sure you use a pattern somewhere to blend the grey and the white.  Either a bedcover (even stripes will do), or curtains.  This will stop it looking too officey or formal – neither of which you really want when you’re going to sleep.

For an opulent touch, highlight the grey with silver.  This brings bursts of reflected light and a sense of opulence.  I just love the panel behind the bed!

With a very simple grey scheme you can afford to mix up lots of pattern without it being overwhelming.  Stripes and checks work well below.  I love the way the colour of the wood furniture has been echoed in the fawn velvet cushions.

grey bedroom tartan stripes gray

Add a toile de jouy fabric into the mix and grey looks more feminine and girly, but without being frilly.  You can really layer patterns here without worrying about whether it goes – if it’s all black white and grey, you’ll be pretty much fine. 

grey bedroom toile  interior gray

In terms of art, black and white photos look magnificent in this scheme.  You could use landscapes, or, if you’re feeling daring – some tasteful nude photos!

With grey, you don’t want to go too plain.  The room below is bordering on feeling cell-like.  Grey needs layers of texture (flannel, cashmere, silk, linen), layers of pattern (stripes, checks, toiles) and art (photographs, murals) or antiqued and distressed accents to make it feel comfortable and relaxing.

grey bedroom black and white photos

Finally, if you love your art, you could go crazy!  As I mention here, behind the bed – there are no rules other than go HUGE!

black white grey bedroom art hang interior