There have been one or two things that have irritated, grated and rubbed over the past months.  Maybe it’s just me?  Or maybe we can leave them behind as the year closes?

1. ‘Curated’

Every home is now described as ‘curated’, or a carefully ‘curated’ selection.  A curator is a professional role in a museum (I have a friend who studied for years to get to this sought-after position), where they are a specialist in an area.  A curator will research, acquire and take care of the exhibits.  Are we really so pretentious as to extend this to our homes… ??

2. Hotel in your home

Whilst I totally endorse stealing design ideas from hotels, there has been an increasing desire amongst those who can afford it to have a bedroom ‘like a hotel suite’.  Why set your expectations so low?  It doesn’t have to please many thousands of different people, and it doesn’t have to be so hard-wearing.  So let’s have more personality and individual style in rooms.  Who wants to stay in the Hilton when you can have your own version of paradise?

Things I’m hoping to see more of include:

The fabulous new online magazines that are springing up everywhere.  Lonny, Rue, Standard – keep up the fabulous work!

More recycled design – this is the clever stuff and some brilliant ideas are being born.


This is a word being bandied around by marketers who see it as the next ‘big thing’.  Which is completely ironic as authenticity is anything but a trend.  What I mean here is that I’d love our homes to be truer reflections of us and who we are as people, rather than a reflection of the sale in the furniture chain that’s near us.  I’d like to treasure heirlooms, use favourite colours, have your childs paintings out on display (or even better, – get them to splash-paint a table or a wall with you).

What are you hoping for from 2011?