remote control storage solution before

What about those remote controls?  I mean, there are so many of them now.  I know you can get one almighty mother to control them all – but we don’t have that.  There is the TV, the DVD, the stereo… not to mention stuff for games.

They can make even the most glamorous room look cluttered.  Add to that pens, the TV guide, and there is a load of necessary but unbeautiful ‘stuff’ in your living room.

remote control storage cutlery box recycled

The easiest way to deal with them is to store them in a beautiful box on your coffee table or next to your sofa.

The perfect fit seems to be old cutlery boxes.  These were designed to prevent silver from tarnishing.  But now that no one really has silver cutlery any more, these can be picked up for next to nothing.

cutlery box new use before recycling

These can be painted, stained or recovered.  Even if you don’t change anything, they look pretty fabulous as they are.  Often they are made of interesting wood.  This one has brass inlay.

remote controls in cutlery silver box vintage

Whilst you could recover the interior with new felt or fabric, the dividers for the cutlery work fabulously as remote control sections.  Who would have thought?

remote control repurposed cutlery box

A far more elegant solution that doesn’t cost the earth….