After my post earlier this week about painting the floor, and knowing how virtuous, smug and generally obnoxious I feel having done it, I thought I MUST encourage you all to do those things that you haven’t quite got around to starting. I often have things I’m thinking of starting: some curtains that I’m going to make, a table I’m going to strip or paint…  and sometimes it can take months to get around to it.

recycled end of bed stool

Well, one of my aims in this blog is to support and encourage everyone to have a go at these projects.  They’re so rewarding, and make our homes so much more lovely.  Plus, doing it this way is both affordable, and usually, a greener way to make our homes more beautiful.

I read a great book, by Barbara Sher that really helped me get started on projects.  Her book was actually on careers, but I always like taking advice from one field and applying it to another…

One of my big blocks is that I always think: oh making curtains will take me at least a day, I don’t have a whole day, so I can’t start.  Barbara Sher encourages the break down of big things into chunks.  For example cutting out the curtains might only take an hour.  So do that, and leave it.  Prepping the table likewise – you can then paint it another day.

As soon as you only have to do a small part of the project, then the inertia is broken – it is started.  The following weekend you only have to do as much as you are in the mood for.

My next big tip is to keep in mind your vision.  These things are so rewarding once done.  Aren’t you just itching to make this stunning embroidered silk into curtains/cushions….  something??

Another way to get started is to use an event as a motivator.  Christmas is such an easy one – everyone’s building projects always complete on Christmas Eve!  Use a relative’s visit, a birthday or a party as the deadline to finish something that everyone will see.

If all else fails, rope in help.  Inviting a friend round to help paint means, that although you can still sit and have a nice cup of tea, hopefully, you’ll have done the painting first.