I can’t quite believe we’re entering the second decade of this century…  and of course, that means that it’s time for a change.  And change means that the old stuff looks dated.  So here are some tips, that when woven into your decor, will give bring your house bang up to date for another decade.

Firstly in terms of neutrals – cream and white, and even beige are becoming passé.  The new neutral is grey.

We haven’t seen grey in interiors for a while – but it’s HUGE.  We’re talking stone grey, dove grey, charcoal grey – almost any kind of grey.  If you still want beige, go for the grey end of the spectrum.  If you were thinking chocolate brown, try charcoal instead.  If you were tempted by a dark corduroy, go for a grey flannel or pinstripe.

Grey has been influenced by the huge amount of technology in our lives.  Stainless steel and chrome look great with it.  But so does antique wood.  it’s a fabulous background for our lives at the moment and it’s probably got about a decade to run – so this is a good way of updating your home that will last.

The other big news is metallic.  This reflects a number of trends:

A backlash against minimalism which at last has had its day (thank god – what a triumph of technology over taste that was!)

A desire for luxury

New paint technology that delivers great metallic finishes (until recently they were poor imitations)

Metallic is big in paint, in tiles, in fabrics.  Even rugs have glints of silver of copper woven through.  Choose carefully though – this one may have a more limited lifespan – years rather than decades.  If you love it then go for it as you’ll enjoy it.

Some of the newest accent colours are yellow, purple and orange.  These range from the acidic yellows, to deep aubergines and plum colours.

These look fabulous with grey.  There’s no surprise in that.

I love the softness of these colours, and the way you can dial them up with some really bright accessories that make a room pop.  There’s lots of room here for you to really personalise it.  And of course, that’s what a great room is all about.