I love white – it is one of my favourite colours. Form and texture stand out in white – so here is my rhapsody to the pearly shades.  (As usual on this blog – I try to recycle furniture rather than other people’s images.  These are all my own).

There is a pure beauty in a white flower that is unlike any other

white gardenia flower

The first Gardenia appeared in my garden on the same day as this gorgeous Magnolia flower.

Magnolia Little Gem flower

The wistful gaze of a marble statue adds an air of mystery and contemplation to a room…  I saw her grubby and neglected in the corner of an auction room and fell in love.

marble statue

The texture and depth of white coral with its nubbly surface intrigues and beckons.

white coral

White pearls and embroidery on a natural linen cushion have a timeless elegance.

white beading and embroidery cushion

Carved white stone vines and leaves summon forgotten stories and ancient gardens.

white carved marble

White shells captured in an old bottle, with sun filtering through net  recall beach holidays and relaxed summer hours.

white shells net bottle

The complex texture of a ceramic artichoke against white wood boards

white ceramic artichoke

A newly opened magnolia bloom is a thousand miles away from the ubiquitous ‘magnolia’ paint colour.

White magnolia flower

The flower-like burst of a white coral shell

white shell

White crystals clustering in a rough geode

white crystal gem stone

The regal poise of a carved white lion with his steely glare.

carved white lion

White paperbacks with a carved white stone bookend

white books stone book end

A pure white shell on an old wicker basket

white shell on wicker

What’s your favourite colour?  Do you have enough of it in your home?