Ancient library leather bound booksMedia rooms are so last year – as soon as everyone has one, they just aren’t cool.  The new fashion in houses is to have a library.  Even people who admit they don’t read, once they are possessed of wealth, are building whole rooms filled with books.  But not just any old books – not Mills and Boon, or Dan Brown… No – these rooms have the ancient hush of tooled leather tomes, the gleam of gold on parchment, the serried ranks of intellectual prowess and history.

leather bound books

This delightful series of the history of the world was written prior to World War One.  It’s main focus (in true Victorian style) is on the character and moral rectitude of historical figures.  But what a handsome series.

leather bound marbled book

A tiny volume of Milton is leather-bound with exquisite marbling on the cover.  It is a delight to hold.

red leather books

Vintage volumes of fabric and leather books, embossed with gilt titles look magnificent on shelves.  The faded texture of old books, in sage greens or wine reds look wonderful in almost any room.

Fabric books

Even worn paper covers can add something…

faded vintage books

It’s time to frequent those second-hand book shops and stalls and look for the exquisitely produced books of yesteryear. 

If you really aren’t into vintage, publishers are cottoning on to this trend.  Penguin is offering some beautiful editions of classics, in leather or in gorgeous covers.

These would make such lovely Christmas presents…  You can search on Amazon and find a stunning array of newly published classics in lovely covers.

And if this is all too much for you – you can even wallpaper it on.  Brunschwig and Fils were the first to do this with their Bibliotechque wallpaper, but now many companies are doing it.  The photo below is wallpaper – not books!  How much fun would this be in a toilet?  As long as they were supplemented with some real reading matter….