I just fell in love with this antique screen.  Each panel has five engravings of Rome, exquisitely mounted and framed.  It’s so chic and elegant.  And although screens are usually considered slightly feminine (so that one can throw one’s lacy underwear over it as one disrobes discreetly behind) – this one is delightfully masculine.

Recycled antique screen prints Italian

Its reverse however, was a different story.  Unlike people, where having two faces is never considered attractive, part of a screen’s beauty lies in its ability to have two different sides.  Ideally these should both be gorgeous – mildewed pink taffeta wasn’t what I had in mind.

Antique Pink screen before recycling

This is really easy to fix on a screen.  Firstly, lay it down and rip off the binding that is concealing the edge and its construction.


In this instance, each panel could be removed from the back.  Then you need to select your fabric.  I’m using some fabric I have left over from these chairs.

I like the way the colours match the front, and the way it is also a fairly masculine strong stripe – I think it links well with the other side.

Silk taffeta fabric for recovering reupholstering furniture

reupholstered screen vintage silk

As the silk was quite crushed, I ironed it first (you can’t do this after you have attached it!).  Cut each piece to overlap each panel and then staple it round the back, pulling it as tight as you can, but ensuring (in this case) that you don’t pull unevenly and make the stripes go wiggly.  Above you can see two of the three panels covered.

trim on silk reupholstered screen

Then glue on trim to hide the join.  If you stapled fabric straight on the back – then the trim should hide this too.

recovered antique screen doesn't cost the earth

Make sure you press the trim down as the glue is drying, especially when you’re going round corners.

recovered screen after

Often you can see the rear view of furniture in a room.  It really pays to make sure that it looks good from every angle.

silk screen reupholstered recycled

Just a reminder of the mildewed silk before:

mildewed silk screen before recycling

Doesn’t it look better now?

recycled furniture silk screen after