doesnt cost the earth rose

Flowers can really lift a room.  And they can lift your mood as well.

But once you get them home – what do you do with them to keep them looking fabulous?

recycled rhodedendron

Firstly, cut all of the stems again.  This keeps the cut fresh and allows the flower to continue to draw up water.  You should do this every few days if you want your flowers to last.  You’ll probably need to cut them to length, but even if you don’t – just take off 0.5cm.

Spanish Rose

The fashion for very ‘arranged’ flowers has passed – it can look very dated – just have a look at the arrangement below:

Instead – you want to look as though you just ‘threw’ it together.  But just as an outfit is never just ‘thrown’ together, and just as the ‘nude’ make-up look needs as much work as one that shows – so it is with flowers.  If you just jam them in a vase, they will sit all wrong.  Place them in one at a time, looking at where you need more height, colour or interest.

If you add an aspirin or flower-food to the water, that can make them last longer.

Aliums in England

Ideally, keep your colour scheme to a single colour.  It will look more dramatic if the arrangement is entirely yellow, or pink:

For even more ease, keep to the same flower in the same colour.  These miniature pink roses are just gorgeous on their own.  This makes them very easy to arrange.

minature pink roses arrangement how to

Carnations, while they have a reputation for not being glamorous, can last up to four weeks if you keep cutting their stems and changing their water.

White carnations

When choosing the colour of your flowers, they can either match your decor and look like part of the room.  Or you can choose a contrast and make a feature of them.

how to arrange flowers

You can always mix it up!

If your budget doesn’t run to flowers, then go out and pick branches and leaves.  You can play with fruit, seed pods and leaves and create a wonderful and interesting arrangement.  Asparagus makes a wonderful way to conceal a vase…

I created this tablescape using flowers and leaves that I picked from my garden.  It’s a mixture of lilies and their leaves, and magnolia flowers.

Another simple way to create impact with flowers is to place each bloom in a separate, matching vase or jar, and have a wonderful repetitive element.  This looks great as a table centrepiece or on a mantle.

Maybe you’ll treat yourself to flowers this weekend?

If not, I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos of the wonderful roses and rhododendrons of Spain and England from last summer.

yellow rose