No – it’s not a gun….

James Bond cocktail drinks globe

It’s a drop-dead gorgeous antique globe that opens to reveal a cocktail cabinet!

James Bond Globe cocktail

The first one I found sits on a table-top.  It appears at first glance to be an antique globe of the world.  However, it opens up to reveal layered shelving.

Antique Globe drinks cabinet

Tall bottles sit in the bottom of the globe, extending up through the full height, while round the circumference is a narrow shelf for glasses and crystal.

cocktail cabinet

It’s so divinely hidden when it’s shut, and such a nifty way of storing cocktail paraphernalia.  And it’s just so James Bond!  Of course, once people saw mine, everyone wanted one, so I’ve been on the lookout for more.  And I found this one at an auction last weekend:

Cocktail globe James Bond style

This one is a tiny piece of furniture in its own right, with its own stand, a shelf below, and casters.

Open antique globe cocktail drinks

You can store bottles below (in a beautifully designed shelf with a wood surround), as well as in the globe.

antique globe cocktail cabinet

The equator of the globe has the months of the year and zodiac symbols.

Antique recycled Globe cocktail cabinet

Aren’t they divine?

Do you have something in your home that reminds you of a great movie?