The most wonderful exhibition of the year is on for three weeks in Sydney – Sculpture by the Sea.  It’s the most fabulous combination of spectacular views – around the coastline and across the Pacific Ocean, with fun, beautiful, innovative and wacky sculpture.  There are over 100 pieces of art, and a stunning cliff-top walk.  And it’s all free!

Garden Sculpture

This fabulous tube of paint is squirting all over Bondi Beach!  It is such fun – so much energy and movement..

Sculpture by the Sea

 I loved this beautiful asymmetrical archway that seems to be part of its environment.

Stunning outdoor sculpture

This chicken was one of my favourites – it’s beautifully made from thousands of welded circles of metal.  Inside, it has ‘eggs’ which light up.  And as for the palm tree sticking out of its backside… well it’s just too funny.  And it is also beautiful.

Chicken sculpture

This wonderful flamenco-style, colourful piece is made of loads of recycled plastic tops, all connected together.  It’s a commentary on how slugs leave a trail of slime and humans leave a trail of litter and pollution…. Of course I love the fact that it’s made of recycled elements and that the artist has created something so beautiful out of it.  The patience it must have taken to connect every single plastic cap together defies belief.

Recycled plastic sculpture

Recycled sculpture

Another (totally crazy!) recycling idea is this unusual piece, which is made out of dryer lint.  Yes!  That grotty stuff you scrape out has made a gorgeous piece of art called ‘Sea Cells’.

recycled dryer lint sculpture

Having a bad day?  This one (Anguish) says it all!  I love his double sets of eyes and fingers (and toes)

Anguish garden sculpture

I coveted this simple idea: beautiful smooth boulders wrapped in stainless steel.

Steel wrapped boulder sculpture

I can just imagine a pile of these in my garden…  It’s like jewelry for your rocks.  Subtle and intriguing.

If you’re having trouble with your lawn – why not give up and roll it back?  A witty tin opener reveals interest beneath the turf…

Tin opener turf garden sculpture

Finally – a beautifully carved sandstone crab crawls out from under a rock:

Sandstone crab

If you’re in Sydney – you should definitely see this year’s exhibition.  And if you’re not – why not come and visit for next year’s?