High Octane glamour has megawatts of appeal..  It’s luxurious, glittering, plush and inviting.  It is dramatic and sexy.  Interiors are sensual and vampy.  Bring it on!  If you want some va-va-voom in your home, here are some sure-fire tips to heat things up!


No glam home is complete without at least one chandelier.  But why stop there – you can have one over your dining table and your bed (unless you’re going for the four-poster) – hang one in your hall and even over your bath.  Just make sure they are as large and luscious as you can afford!

Rich, saturated colour

Colours must be jewel like – think ruby and malachite, deep navy and prussian blue.  Even black – because this is going to offset the sparkle and luxury that will be introduced through all the light-reflecting surfaces.

Dark shiny surfaces

Keep surfaces dark but shiny – the shine bounces back the light and stops the space feeling dingy (which a matt surface would do).  The darker shades are more opulent and welcoming.

Panelling and decoration

Panelling is used in the finest of châteaux: add some to your home and it will instantly upgrade it several notches.  Even if your home is from a completely different period, you can still pull this off – maybe not to the degree of ornamentation in this image, but going for it will pay dividends.

Shine shine shine

Add shine wherever you can.  Just as shine doesn’t work in beachy or rustic homes, here – it is just what is needed.  Ensure that ornaments and objects are as shiny as possible: glass, gold, silver, crystal, polished stone – and then light them with golden lights or candles.


Add as much gold as you can.  Ensure that the gilding either looks distressed or is high quality to avoid a tacky look (no gold plastic or acrylic!).  But pile it on – more is better.


Use mirrors everywhere in heavy gilt frames.  these reflect the light and the colours and make the whole room sparkle.

Luxurious curtains in silk or velvet

Hang heavy generous curtains at the window in the most extravagant material you can afford.  Silk velvet, damask, brocade…. Embroidered silk, Shantung – chose rich colours and iridescent textures.

Furniture covered in fabulous fabrics

Chairs and sofas must be sumptuous in glowing silks and velvets.  Choose curvy antique furniture and update it with a sensual and luminous satin.

Marble and stone

Marble oozes glamour and is the obvious choice for bathrooms.  Combine it with more gold and mirrors and you’ve got the recipe for a hollywood bathing experience fit for a star.