You know how Parisian cafes always have this chic mish-mash of pictures on the wall?

I wanted to use that casual way of hanging art to really emphasise the seats in the dining/living area.  Various advice will tell you that you need to match the frames, or at the very least the mounts in order for it to look OK (ie – not a total random mess).

Well – I just gathered together what I had, trying to keep the colour palette limited, and went with that.  I wondered whether I’d need to reframe some, or re-mount them – but when I laid them out they seemed to look OK.

Planning to hang art pictures

I measured my wall space and laid out the pictures and played around until I thought they look best.  Clearly, no such arrangement would be complete without a cat hanging in its midst.  When I pointed out to Diesel that he would have to be suspended by his tail, he changed his mind….

wall before hanging art

Prior to this, two turtle shells were placed to hide an unsightly heating control panel.  The area just doesn’t have enough ‘oomph’.  So… let’s get drilling…

Parisian hung art

I included all pictures that were precious and sentimental – of my mother, and my grandfather, a maps of England (the mother country), photos of me and ‘the man’.  It makes such a wonderful collage of memories!

Paris cafe art hang

Yes – that’s me with the Womble….

This combination of images is a much better backdrop for the chairs.  By hanging the collection close to the ceiling you can emphasise the height (or rather, make up for any lack of height).  If you have the luxury of soaring rooms, you don’t need to worry about this…

French hung art after

And there’s still room for a couple more at the bottom!

How to hang paintings

And by night, it has the lovely moody feel of a Parisian bar, without the 24 hour flight….