Anthropologie have this wonderful bottle for sale.  But it is $210.  It is described as a ‘found bottle’. Yup.  So I got to thinking – I could have myself one of those….

There is quite a trend for these things:

I didn’t think I was going to spend the next few months beach combing Sydney for a bottle, so I looked at what I had.  I found a gorgeous bottle with malt whisky in it – a lovely thick glass bottle.  So I drank the whisky and then set about using the bottle. 

(ok – there may be some bloggers licence with that – but it is a whisky bottle).

So here is my ‘found’ bottle – that I actually found in my liquor cabinet!  I soaked off the label (enough of the jokes about who is the soak here….) and filled it half full of white shells.

I wound a little bit of raffia (that I had lying around) about its neck.  And then I stuck three little starfish into the bottle opening.

bottle with starfish doesn't cost the earth

These starfish, I confess, I had found – all three of them on New Year’s Day this year (I kind of thought that was a good omen – three stars – until I wondered whether years, like hotels, were rated in five-star systems and I was only going to have a three star year, not a five-star one).  Anyway – it’s working out pretty well so far.  The year I mean. Well – and the bottle.  Although let’s face it, most things look better once you’ve drunk a bottle of whisky.

And now I’m rambling…

It’s amazing what you can create with an old bottle and some shells.  I don’t think I’d have the gall to charge $210!!   Would you make this?