Cat sleeping on cushions

What is the thing that you’ll love more than anything else in your home?

Without question, it will be your family and your pets.  Well – I’m kind of hoping it is….  if you find you love your sofa more than your spouse, this might be the time to seek counselling…

Cat on recycled chair

Anyway – my point is that homes are for their families, not for interior magazine photos.  And the most satisfying part of creating a home is finding your child curled on a seat, making it (and the child) look the most adorable you’ve ever seen it.  Or discovering your cat posing like an Italian film star on your recently recovered cushions.  (more likely, surprising your cat, as I found mine, kindly vomiting up the contents of its stomach onto a new rug).  Not quite so adorable really.

Cat in bowl

You may find a prized bowl with new contents (a large cat).  Or a lovely expensive table taking on a new fabulous use as a footstool for your hubby.

Smart Investor Cat

Let’s face it – those that we live with are the ultimate accessory.  They are what makes our homes and our lives beautiful….

Cat on rug