Just as your slippers probably wouldn’t look right with your cocktail dress, so details in the house make or break it.  You eye catches both the grottiest and the nicest bits of the room simultaneously, and one bit of grot can let down a stunning room.  And one amazing thing can lift an entire space.    However, it is better to fix the nasties first.

I shared my new window sill with you a few days ago, which got rid of a hideous aluminium part-sill. 

window sill after doesn't cost the earth

A few simple elements have made it zing.  Repetition – always a good design trick – and simplicity work here.  The pebbles in the hurricane jars reflect the outside, and the glass echoes the windows.  And these were a delightful bargain from a $2 shop (don’t you love those?) where two incredibly helpful youths, flitting between Mandarin and English, helped find three matching jars and candles.  The most fabulous service!  I laughed to think how expensive shops wouldn’t have run around helping like that.

Hurricane jars with candles

Hurricane jars

They really make the ledge look lovely.

Then you’ll also recall this cedar chest:

Recycled cedar cabinet before

That got a revamp like this but was still awaiting a drawer handle:

Silver leaf cabinet after

Well after lots of searching I found one that seemed right.  The whole cabinet looks so much better for that one tiny detail.

Recycled chest after with drawer handle

I really hate doing small jobs, and put them off.  But they never take as much time as I expect, so it’s always rewarding to touch up that chipped paint, recover stained cushions and chairs, wash those dirty curtains and enjoy a nicer home for it.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting at long last the finished chair you all so kindly voted on!  It’s looking FAB.