As the long weekend is coming up (in Sydney) – I thought you might like something to read (other than my blog) – for free.

This year has marked a dramatic change in the publishing world, and in particular, for interior magazines.  The Global Financial Crisis hit the US hard and several of the top-selling monthlies have closed their doors.

But this has paved the way for a fabulous new wave of magazines: the free online publication.

I didn’t think I’d ever pass up the delight of holding a glossy mag and poring over it, but these new online ones are so fabulously photographed and well-edited that I’m hooked.  And not only can you have the same delicious experience of gazing into other worlds, if you want something you see, you only have to click on it and you’re through to its website, or the designer and so on.  Totally brilliant!

The first one out this year, and still the best, in my view, is Lonny.  The latest issue is here.

Recently added are Rue and Standard.  Standard has an eco bent that I like, but they claim we are living POST-green movement, and that green is now a given.  Personally, I suspect that’s a little optimistic, but all credit to ’em.

Then of course, there is the long-standing and totally fabulous Istdibs – with weekly articles and news features to drool over.

With all of this, how long will we pay for magazines on the newsstands?

Happy reading!

(all images from Lonny Mag)