Sometimes you live with something for years before you realise that you can do something about it.

One such case in point for me was this window sill.  A glorious cathedral window covers the stairway, trimmed with one of the most unattractive ‘sills’ you can imagine.  It’s half a lip of ugly aluminium, and then plain render for the rest.  What were they thinking?

Old window sill before

It never actually struck me that I might be able to change this until one night (yes – I renovate at night too!  Hence the photo) the ‘man’ tried to see how it was fixed.

window sill before

He lifted it away in one easy movement – it wasn’t even stuck down!  I mean, his manly, muscular arms rippled as they swept up the old window sill towards his throbbing chest and…. (oh no, that’s supposed to be ME isn’t it?  Not a piece of aluminium )

Anyway, moving right along.  A trip to the wood yard ensued, where I was told severely by a chap (not their usual helpful types) that they only sold timber not wood.  I did find, however, some WOOD that fitted perfectly.  We were going to paint it white to match the other sills, but when we tried it in place, it looks rather fine with just a light oil.

window sill after

It took about thirty minutes to change completely something that had bugged me for years.

window sill after doesn't cost the earth

Is there something bugging you in your house that would only take half an hour to fix?