When I moved into this house, it had no internal architecture.  There were no skirting boards (other than diddy little strips that were an apology for skirtings), no window frames, no architraves, no cornices.  Nothing.

It’s a newish house so initially I thought that perhaps it was part of the more modern architecture.  And then as time went by, I wondered whether it had just been a ploy on the part of the builder to save money.  Because let’s face it: windows without frames are (usually) ugly.  And internal architecture is dreamy….. sigh….

Beautiful mouldings

And being in possession of my new drop saw, what better way to test it (and my own powers) than to install my own window frames?

window without frame

The render around the window just looked bare and ‘wrong’ without a frame.  No need (it seems) to put wood all through the inside – instead, you can just cut architraving to fit the outside (like a picture frame) with some nosing at the bottom, and stick it on.  And paint it white.

Window with frame after

The window just looks so much more elegant and complete!

Window before

This one’s all ready for its transformation….

window after

After the first two, I realised how much better the windows were looking with frames.  Kind of like eyes with lashes.  And I confess I do love ornate frames, like lashings of mascara.  But my house really would look strange with large Georgian window frames.  So I did try to contain myself.

Before the frame

The kitchen really only had half a frame.  But even that looks better with architraving around it.

Kitchen window after

Of course the downside, is that one then realises just how many windows there are in a house.  And only doing some is not only odd, it makes the ones left undone doubly annoying.

study window before

But even windows like this, crammed up against a wall, look better with a frame:

Window in study after

I feel like evangelising about this.  It’s amazing how as soon as they are up, they look as though they have always been there (a sure sign that it’s the right architraving and a sure sign it was needed).  But the room also looks subtly better: finished, more elegant.

So, only another million windows to go then.  Well, not that many.  If my house were that big I guess I’d pay someone else to do this….