recycled french grain sack chair

You know when you’re going out and you can’t decide which shoes to wear?  So you put one of each on each foot and hobble lop-sidedly along and ask your husband/friend/boyfriend/sister/mother for their advice?  Well – this is just the same.  I need your opinion….

I’ve been coveting these grain sack chairs.  Elegant, rustic, interesting and recycled.  Yum!

And I’ve now acquired a pair of chairs and am thinking about options to redo them.  Here is one of them ‘before’:

doesnt cost the earth chair before

They are identical.  I don’t have any grain sacks, so instead, I want to use the coffee sacks (recycled) that I used on the bench (see previous post  I love the texture, the casual funky look, the print.  But I can’t decide how much of this to use and whether or not to combine it with a more conventional fabric, such as linen, as well.  So here are some options I’m considering – what do you think?

sacks on chair

You have to imagine it all tight and upholstered, not all baggy…  Is this all ‘de trop’ with all the red circles?   Is it better with only one bit of pattern?

recycled sacks on chair

Is the red too much on a chair (I made it into a cushion on this post, and is it better with no pattern just writing?

doesnt cost the earth chair with sacks

Or is it better with lots of different writing?

Lots of writing on sacks

Or even more different colours etc, but symmetrical

recycled sack chair

Just to throw one more thing into the mix, I have a roll of beautiful Ralph Lauren upholstery linen, which goes beautifully with these hessian sacks.  So I can also do a combination of linen and sacks…

(do you get why I can’t make my mind up now??!!)

linen upholstery

And this linen is (understandably) smoother and nice to sit on with bare arms or legs (which, this being Australia) is likely.

So, should I combine the two?  And if so, should I put linen on the inside, that you sit against, and just have the sacks on the outside (which I can’t show you as it’s too hard to mock-up).  Or does that miss the point?

And if I’m going to have parts that are plain – should I use plain hessian sack or the plain linen?

can't decide!!

Can you believe that I actually don’t even drink coffee?  I love tea – but I don’t think tea sacks exist.

What do you think?  What should I do?  All comments and suggestions gratefully received!