Phew – a major disaster (not quite the BP oil spill, more like the SoB paint spill), and a little while later, it’s done!

Colourwash dining room after

I’ve got just the mottled, aged effect I was after, although I had to resort to unorthodox methods (what’s new?).  The colour wash (which you paint on, and then blot off with a muslin rag) didn’t quite give the drama I was after.  So I made a much deeper colour up and rubbed it into the corners and edges that would get aged.  I polished it on with fabric, spreading out the paint as thinly as possible until it was the barest glaze.  I had to spray water on the lower bits of the wall so I could blend it in more easily.

Faux paint effects

I love the way it looks dark and moody without it actually making the room dark.  Admittedly, I felt pretty dark and moody myself when I spilled all that paint (see previous post), but I’m back to feeling light and sunny again now this is coming out so well.

Just a reminder of what it looked like before….

Dining room before

But we’re not done yet.  There is still the panelling below, not to mention, some fabulous finishing touches.  Gosh – doesn’t it look DEAD before!  How did I live with it??!!

Hmmm…. just had another thought.  The plane arrives tomorrow night.  Hope the ‘man’ doesn’t mind…..