I really like the antiqued look that colourwashing a wall can give.  I must admit, I don’t always like the decor that is then added, but the effect itself can be gorgeous.

Lusterstone and Metallic blue wash

So I’ve decided (while the ‘man’ isn’t here to either see (tee hee) or to live through the mess) to have a go…!!

test patch colour wash

I did a test patch of colour wash to see how it went.  I’m not sure if you can see from this photo?  it’s kind of cloudy, shadowy – not flat.  Which is the look I’m hoping for.

So now, I’ve masked everything, covered all surfaces (cos its going to get v messy) and am mixing up the colour I want –  a soft grey, not too blue.  In the photo below I’m exactly half way across the wall – you do have to look carefully, but you can see a vertical line where the left hand side looks more ‘dirty’ and cloudy, and the right hand side looks very flat.

half distressed wall

I think it’s best if the effect is subtle.  I’d already decided to do two coats so didn’t want too much drama in the first one.  You can’t see it too well, but it’s starting to look soft, aged, interesting, without being too obvious.

colour washed wall

After 24 hours drying time (so that the second coat doesn’t end up washing the first off), I was ready for coat number two.

Colour wash second coat

Now the photo shows the effect much better.  I really like the way that it makes the wall looked antiqued, although it’s really hard to get this to show in the photo.

Colourwashed distressed wall

If you’re thinking that it looks like the area from the little cupboard door and below hasn’t been done, you’re right.  I’m going to be putting fake wainscotting or batten and board over this bit!

Actually, I had a total disaster while I was doing this.  I was just congratulating myself on how well it was going, and stepped back to take a better look at the overall effect and my wonderful work…..  and trod in my paint tray.  Which split.  And a lake of paint wash rushed across the floor as my drop sheets became paint logged and overflowed.  And I lost all my carefully mixed and matched colour. 

I thought about sitting in the lake and crying (a la Alice in Wonderland).  But as there is noone to rescue me (the ‘man’ still being in India), I mopped up the paint, remixed a new batch, matching it carefully to the stains on the drop sheets (they had some use) and kept on going.  And now, I’m kind of OK.

I’m not happy yet though.  It’s going to need more thin glazes to get the look I want… I’ll get back to you!