When did coats of arms fall out of fashion?  Once upon a time, anyone who was someone, had a beautiful family crest.  These were wonderful works of art with shields and unicorns, lions and crowns.  They were glamorous, ostentatious and deeply personal.

spanish coat of arms

I guess they were the forerunners of logos.  But I’m afraid that a family crest beats a logo for me any day!

ancient coats of arms

You could have them woven into tapestries, painted on your walls or your furniture, embroidered onto your cushions…. and they always make everything look magnificent.

tiled family crest

The wonderful design above, complete with the motto “Plus Ultre” is done in tiles (this means ‘go further beyond’).  Imagine having that on your kitchen splashback!  That would add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your Sunday roasts….

embroidered coat of arms

I wanted to steal this saddle cover from the museum and make it into cushion covers.  It’s almost impossible to source workmanship like this these days!  The texture and richness is stunning.  I love the lions rampant and the castles – it’s so romantic and yet so masculine.

coat of arms

Even in black a white – a coat of arms looks ravishing.  I would frame this or paint it onto an empty wall as a feature.  I’m even tempted to paint it onto the outside of my house.  Then maybe people will think someone important lives here!?

You could even devise your own – like the modern take below.

Coat of arms modern

Whatever style or colour your room is – a coat of arms will give it oomph!  I have the one below hanging in my hallway – it’s beautifully carved from wood.

shield and coat of arms

Even better – look up your ancestors and use one that actually belongs to your family….

final family crest