I love words on furniture and walls.  They just look interesting and atmospheric.

I want to add words to these chairs – along the back.  I have been thinking of words that are both edible and colours.  But both the food and the colour have to be soft, comforting and associated with country cooking or idyllic living.  Even if your conscious mind only makes one association, the other meanings will permeate your mood.  The words I’m liking are:






But then I liked nutmeg, cinnamon – although I think these conjure up exotic spicy locations.  I started playing: why not use beachy words like oyster, pearl, sand?  Or english country garden words like thistle, lavender, slate.  The ‘man’ wants to use french words, because he speaks french, but I fear this will be pretentious.

I’ve been playing around with different fonts, as fonts alone create a world of images and connections in our head.  So I’ve started to mock them up to look at size, type-face and so on.

painted words on furniture

I know – it’s hardly a great mock-up, but the paint isn’t quite dry and if I stick anything to it, it’s likely to ruin the finish in a way that will distress both me and the chairs.

Here is another font:

sustainable furniture

This one is actually called ‘french script’.  I think this simpler one looks better when it’s on the chair.  I’m planning at this stage to paint the word in off white, so it’s not too garish, and also to paint the trim beneath the back (with the holes in) off white too.  I’m also planning to do this free hand.  I thought about using an overhead projector, but I’ve decided to give it a shot myself first.

This may all go horribly wrong.  And I need to do this bit before I finalise the finish, as whatever is done, needs to be done over the whole piece including any typeface.

Any suggestions on words (I have six chairs), font, size or colours?