Laundry waiting to be renovatedThis laundry was UGLY!  White tiles, chipped in places.

Laundry before

Firstly I replaced the sink and cabinet (with IKEA – good quality and reasonably priced) – and extended the bench along the full length.  (Had to replace the washing machine – but front loaders can be very eco-friendly and water efficient).

New sink and benchtop

Then there were the tiles…  Every time I thought of hacking them all off, the dust, the work, the debris…. I got cold sweats.  (I have tried to do this before, and ended up with cuts from flying tiles.  It’s not for the faint hearted).  So I resolved to cover them up.

I’d been dying to trying a panelling effect with pictures, so this seemed the perfect place.  I had a book on Fungi and Mushrooms from when I was a teenager, and had a craze on them.  I cut out the colour plates, and framed them all.   Then, I covered the tiles with 3mm plywood, cutting out holes for the framed mushrooms.  I then stuck these into the ready-made slots.  I wanted it to look as though the whole wall was panelled, and I wanted no reminant of the tiles.

Laundry after

I had to do lots of calculations to adjust the picture size so that I could get the spacing and sizing the same all round the room (maths was useful for something after all!).

Laundry door

I love this room now!  It’s one of my absolute favourites.

Completed laundry