Dressing room beforeThis walk in wardrobe has shelves and hanging space on two walls.  On the third, is a (cheap looking) mirror, some switches and a niche in the wall.  This wall really lets down the smart finish of the actual shelving.  In addition, this area serves two people.  More space and better light would be ideal.

Walk in robe before

This little space was begging to be covering in mirrors – to visually double the space, to bounce back more light, and to allow both occupants to see their outfits simultaneously.  As the shape of the room, the niches etc made it complex, mirror tiles were the cost-effective and easy solution.

The first tiles go on

Here you can see the first few tiles going on.  It’s important to use a spirit level to get these straight.  It also helps to measure and plan where the tiles are going, and the best place to start laying them.  From then on, it’s pretty straight-forward.

Walk in robe after

The strip behind the door went in smoothly.  Doesn’t it look so much more polished and sophisticated?  The onsite inspection was rigorous…. Diesel posted himself neatly where he could survey the handywork.

Cat inspects workmanship

The niche in the wall needs a frame to neaten it up – easy enough with a drop saw and some beading…

Dressing room almost complete

But the switches still need moving the make it possible to install the final few tiles.  The effect is already apparent.  The whole space feels much more vibrant, light and large. 

Mirrored dressing room after

The grid lines in the mirror don’t really break up the reflection, but they do echo the grid of the shelving and drawers in a pleasing way.