Does your house have a pile of clutter near the front door?  Keys, wallets, umbrellas, sunglasses?  Stuff that you need when you go out, that doesn’t have a place to live, and you probably will just pick up on your way out?  Husbands and family members just ‘pop’ things here when they get home – it’s a handy place to pick them up from as you leave.

Front hall clutter

It’s hardly the welcome home you’re looking for, is it?  Rather than try to change the behaviour, it’s far easier to find a way to conceal the mess.  Of course you could buy a sensible, but let’s face it, not that elegant, box from a ‘storage’ shop.  But that’s not going to cut it for me – when it’s going to be the first thing I see when I get home.  it’s going to set the tone for the house.  So why not consider a handsome antique or vintage box to tidy the mess and enhance the entryway?

This deep box is beautifully lined with emerald velvet.

velvet lined box

In fact, it’s deep enough to take several pairs of sunglasses, umbrellas and store away all the mess.

Storing hall clutter

This is such a beautiful little chest!  It’s burnished cedar just glows, and the carved linen fold design together with it’s little key just look fabulous next to the front door.  it was a find from a deceased estate – there are always loads of little boxes and trunks to be picked up for an absolute steal.

Who wouldn’t want to come home to this?  I just love storage that also looks gorgeous.

Hall storage box