I came across some old scientific scales at a deceased estate auction a few months back.  Not that I needed scales that would measure tiny grams – it was the box that caught my eye.  It went for a song, as who uses these old things now?

crackle glazed case

I sanded back the wood and applied a crackalure glaze to it so that it looks old and interesting.  Then I lined the floor with an old map – I liked the way that the patterns and colouring of the map seemed to mirror the crackling of the glaze.

I love things like this as they can really make a display, or create a focal point.  This one could work well for shells and coral:

A collection of Victorian and vintage decanters and glassware would also look great pulled together in a neat little cabinet like this, the glass of the cabinet echoing its contents:

glassware in a recycled glass display