Sometimes you might wonder whether your revamped furniture is a success?  Does it really look better?  Will anyone like it?

I find there is an easy way to tell (well, if you have pets).

Cat on foot stool

“This old thing? I’ve had it for ages…”  Diesel (cat) definitely approves of this one….

It’s actually an existing (refurbished, of course!)  footstool for which I made a ‘winter coat’.  The white wood and silk velvet felt a little too beachy as the nights draw in.

Silk foot stool

So I made a little cover for it out of a remnant of silk and some leftover bullion trim.  Its new incarnation definitely won Diesel’s immediate approval.  Having ignored the stool for the past year, he made a beeline for it and claimed it.  I guess then, I can call this one a success….

Hope he’s not too disappointed when it transforms back in summer.