I always think you can go slightly crazy in the small rooms that you don’t use or see a lot.  You can use a decorative style that would be overwhelming or tiresome if you had to look at it every day.  I love the surprise of a tiny bathroom that is completely ‘out there’.

This little toilet was covered in unimaginative cheap square white tiles. Removing ugly tiles and replacing them can be a very messy, lengthy and expensive process.  Why bother when you can cover them up easily?

Here, we covered walls with a selection of maps from holidays and homes.  Doesn’t everyone have a box full of maps that are never looked at or used again?   This is something that men tend to hoard for some reason.  And if you’re going to keep them, you may as well enjoy them.  This way, you can revisit holidays every time you wash your hands.  Just be prepared for guests to spend longer than expected in there as they follow a trip down memory lane too….