This site is dedicated to interiors that don’t cost the earth.

I have never been able to bear waste of any kind and now my passion for reinventing unwanted items and embracing other people’s cast offs has officially taken over my life.  I don’t really understand why you’d want to buy a piece of cheap, poorly-made furniture from a chain store, when you can have your own, personally designed and refurbished chair or table that has been beautifully made (a while ago – before cheap manufacture became so ubiquitous).

But not furniture that looks patched or ‘hippy’.  Furniture that’s elegant, glamorous or cool.  And you can have all this and more – for a lower cost (usually) and with minimal environmental impact. 

I’m also really into witty ways to design rooms and walls.  I love mural, marbling, trompe l’oeil.  I love a perfectly designed room that beckons you in and relaxes you.

So this, this is dedicated to all those rooms with furniture that has been revamped, preloved or reused.  This is dedicated to welcoming, stylish and chic homes that aren’t using up too many of the earth’s resources, or consuming too much of your wallet.  This is about using your imagination to create a home you’ll love, and that will sit easily on the planet.

In brief – it doesn’t cost the earth