Stop!  Don’t throw out that old armchair.

I have to confess I am unextricably drawn to chairs thrown by the road side waiting for the council to pick them up.  Did you know that they just crush them and send them to landfill?  That’s just too depressing for words.

Every time I see one, I see a sick patient waiting to be nursed back to health.  And this old beauty was no exception.  Grease stains from head marks on the fabric, a broken leg, and even a couple of patches on the worn arms.  This chair has clearly been used and loved for years. 

We stripped the legs, to give them a distressed look rather than the gloss varnish that had been used.  This brought that wood back to life.  Some structural repairs were required – we replaced the worn out foam of the seat cushion and some of the padding, and of course we mended the broken leg. 

Then we covered it in an elegant linen fabric with a broad check.